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Magda Paszkiewicz

  • ESOL Lecturer at Oldham College
  • Level 2 ESOL and Certificate in Education & Training Level 3 & 4

Magda moved to the UK from Poland in 2011 and started an ESOL course to improve her English skills and further her ambitions.

Initially, Magda came to the College to look for a course for her brother, but decided to join too after seeing the campus and speaking to staff. Magda quickly became one of ESOL’s best students, quickly progressing onto a Level 3 & 4 Education and Training course where she was the only student with English as a second language.

Magda credits her lecturers with inspiring her to further herself and become and ESOL lecturer herself.

“Studying at Hopwood Hall College I was inspired to do something more. I remember seeing a teaching course advertised at the College and I challenged myself to achieve that career goal.

“I doubted myself at first, but I learned it’s important to do what you believe in, you can’t always do what people recommend for you as more often than not – you know best.”