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Lacey-Lee Stringer

  • Royal Logistics Driver
  • Royal Logistics Driver

Lacey joined our Level 2 UPS course as she wanted to know more about the armed services before committing to a career. After seeing the College provides a strong emphasis on military careers, she chose Hopwood Hall as the destination to start her career journey.

Lacey quickly became one of the most accomplished students in her year; something she credits to her tutors pushing her to do things she didn’t think she could ever do, whilst also supporting her in her personal life too,

After finishing a Level 3 course at college, she secured a role as a Royal Logistics Driver. Lacey now transports everything from ammunition to aid on the front lines of war zones or in support of emergency relief efforts.

Eventually Lacey would like to progress through the military ranks, with the end goal of becoming a Warrant Officer: Class One.

“Studying on the UPS course built my confidence up massively and helped me overcome obstacles I never thought I could pass. The out-of-college trips, the new skills learned and the practical experience I gained on the course were invaluable and it will all stay with me through life.

“You can’t be afraid to come out of your comfort zone, if you don’t face an obstacle - you’ll never overcome it.”