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Kirsty Brown

  • Studying Medical Science at the University of Chester
  • Level 3 Extended Diploma in Applied Science

Kirsty originally joined Hopwood Hall College to study GCSE Biology, but was drawn by the Applied Science course’s more in depth and industry specific knowledge.

One of Kirsty’s favourite elements of the course was the increased awareness of the impact modern living has on the environment. Since studying, she has stopped eating meat and using cleaning products with certain chemicals due the impact they have on the environment’s health.

Now, Kirsty aims to work as a Pathologist after being inspired by her course and scientists such as Gunther von Hagens.

“I love the thought of working in science for life, I really enjoy the pathology side of medicine where you get to work with analytical science and the human body. Studying has made me realise diseases shouldn’t be cured, they should be prevented.

“It’s important you study something you’re interested in. Whatever your aspirations are they will require hard work and dedication, so you benefit from something you enjoy. But anybody can achieve, how smart you are is only dependant on how much knowledge you acquire.”