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Janine Lightfoot

  • Nursery Manager at Red Robin Preschool
  • Foundation Degree in Early Years

Nursery manager Janine wanted to implement positive changes to her nursery and stay ahead in the industry. While she was a little apprehensive about returning to education after so many years away from it, she knew that the best course of action was to study the Foundation Degree in Early Years.

It was a great decision for Janine – ultimately giving her the tools and knowledge to make changes to her practice. She’s not long finished her course but admits that her new skills have already benefitted her staff and the children.

The next step for Janine is a BA Hons. After that the sky’s the limit!

"I have never really been academic but doing this has shown me that when you have a passion for something you can achieve what you though were impossible goals! It has taught me that you are never to old to follow your dreams and achieve great things!"