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Iliass Bensouna

  • Studying Mechanical Engineering at Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Level 3 Extended Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Having a passion for Engineering from a young age, Iliass visited a Hopwood Hall College Open Day after being advised to by his friends. After meeting the tutors and seeing the engineering facilities (and the free gym membership), he decided he liked what he saw and joined the Technology Centre.

Being a course that mixes both practical and theory based lessons, Illiass learned to see the application of Mechanical Engineering everywhere he went.

He realised his ambitions to one day work on the design and development of cars, the dream being to one day work in Formula One.

Engineering isn’t as easy as TV shows and books make it out to be, the course is hard so you need to work hard. You can still enjoy college but just make sure you focus in class and get your assignments done ahead of time.

“Making an effort with the tutors is also important because they help you a lot in return for your effort, especially in the second year when the work gets harder.”