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Ely Garcia

  • Maths Lecturer at Hopwood Hall College
  • Education & Training Level 4

After receiving positive feedback on Hopwood Hall College from her peers, Ely joined the College’s Education & Training course to progress her career further from teaching Community Learners. By completing her course, Ely was able to offer accredited courses and deliver and enhanced teaching and learning experience that benefited learners.

Ely credits the high standards she sets herself to the inspiration of the ‘role models’ who taught her whilst studying the course.

Ely had since completed a PGCE Mathematics Level 7 qualification and has worked in many different educational settings. Ely also founded her own business teaching mathematics online and eventually returned to Hopwood Hall College as a Maths Lecturer.

“I’m so pleased I chose to study at Hopwood Hall College, my development as a professional teacher/trainer was of paramount importance to the College.

“The wealth of expertise, the support and the professionalism of the tutors really helped me. My advice to prospective learners would be to research the content and delivery models of courses you are interested in and apply yourself to the best of your ability.”