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Elisha Cartwright

  • NHS Health Care Assistant
  • NHS Health & Social Care Apprenticeship

Elisha started her apprenticeship with the NHS after studying Health and Social Care and realising that she wanted to work in the industry as a professional.

Being able to learn hands on suited Elisha much more than classroom-based work and the experience she gained in the work place proved invaluable to her. After just five months as an apprentice, Elisha’s management decided they wanted her to become a full time Health Care Assistant.

Now she has secured a full time role with the NHS, Elisha’s next target is to progress up the career ladder and eventually become a district or staff nurse.

“I’ve really enjoyed my apprenticeship; both because it has been the best way for me to learn and because caring for people has been a job I’ve found very rewarding.

“I think it is important to stand by why you want to do. A few people I know want to work in care, but haven’t had the confidence to jump into an apprenticeship and give it a try. Everybody has to start somewhere, so you just have to go for it.”