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Dulcie Turner

  • Studying Engineering at Cambridge University
  • Electrical Engineering

Dulcie Turner, who is reading Engineering at Murray Edwards College, gained a Level 3 qualification in Electrical Engineering when she attended Hopwood in 2017.

The one-year course was the first time she had access to industry-standard equipment, ultimately cementing her love of the field and kick-starting her journey to the University of Cambridge.

She joined Hopwood when she was 15 after she’d already completed the majority of her GCSEs and wanted to build a vocational skillset while deciding on her next steps.

Dulcie was so impressed with the College’s state-of-the-art Technology Centre that she was happy to pass up providers closer to home and travel slightly further just to have the opportunity to attend lessons at the Middleton Campus.

The ambitious teen quickly discovered that she wasn’t just the youngest student in her class but also the only female. The Electrical Engineering course gave Dulcie first-hand experience using equipment such as building circuits and microcontrollers.

She ultimately achieved an incredible Distinction* and Distinction - beginning an academic record that would eventually catch the eye of Cambridge University.

“Despite being the only girl, I found the class really welcoming. I made some great friends. You’ve just got to get on with it. I like the things that I like and I just get on with it regardless.”