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Clint Boon

  • Presenter/DJ and Keyboard Player for Inspiral Carpets
  • Fine Art

Clint studied Fine Art at Hopwood Hall because he wanted something different from the unimaginative career choices preferred by school careers advisors of the time.

As a grammar school student, Clint had found that he did not particularly enjoy academic subjects and Hopwood Hall offered a more creative option. He chose to study here because the ‘art college’ facility was regarded as one of the best in the country.

The course changed his life. He found that it allowed him to express his individuality and tap into the ‘punk rock’ music scene which was just starting to have an impact on Britain’s youth. He soon realised that his favourite part of life at the college was using audio/visual technology. When eventually he joined a band called Inspiral Carpets, they soon started to get noticed, partly because they stood out from other bands of the time due to the visual elements that Clint introduced after his time studying at Hopwood Hall. Now, Clint is perhaps best known for his work as a radio presenter and DJ, both on 97.7 XFM Manchester and in clubs across the country.

Clint says:

“Studying at the college was a complete awakening for me. To a large extent, my time at Hopwood Hall was the most important developmental period of my life as I was encouraged by the teachers here to try things (artistically) that would have been frowned upon in other establishments.

"The environment that Hopwood Hall created was perfect for preparing me for what came next. For 25 years or so now, I’ve made a living out of, quite simply, being passionate about music. Working on the radio and being in a band like the Inspiral Carpets needs a degree of self confidence which, for me, is completely attributable to my experiences at Hopwood Hall. I’m incredibly lucky in that these days I do the things that I love and get paid for them!"

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