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New for 2016 - The Hopwood Hall Student Cabinet

Sep 15, 2016

Brand new for 2016 is the introduction of the Hopwood Hall Student Cabinet!

The Cabinet Members (CM) will each have a specific area of responsibility and will be assigned a mentor (a member of staff within college) who can guide and support them. You will:

  • They will attend regular one to one meetings with their mentor and receive relevant feedback and updates to changes in their area of specialism.
  • They will be responsible for sharing this information with learners across college.
  • The CM will also discuss problems, concerns, compliments and ideas to their mentor.
  • The CM will have regular contact with Learner Engagement Team.
  • The Cabinet Members will work closely with the student magazine team and keep them up to date with developments and news from their areas.

Roles available:

  • Cabinet Members – see
  • TEAM Ambassadors – English and maths various roles available
  • Student Governor and Chair – to be elected at a later date
  • Student Governor and Vice Chair – to be elected at a later date

Cabinet Members will hold regular drop in surgeries at both campuses (in The Lounge, The Cube and the Destination Lounge) so learners can access them at various times.

As the role develops it is anticipated that the Cabinet Members will be able to recruit a ‘Shadow Student’ to support them in their role.

You can see the role description here, giving you an idea of what's involved and what we expect from you in the role.

Learners will be informed of how to apply during tutorials and throughout Welcome Week (12th – 16th September 2016) and where they can pick up the application form but you can also download it here.

We'll keep you updated on developments with the Hopwood Hall Student Cabinet right here!

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