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Sep 20, 2016

This is a strange time of year. You've just started at 6th Form or college (or you're starting your second year) and while you're happy to see your friends again, something's not quite right but you can't really put your finger on why.

Sound familiar?

Well, we know. We've been there ourselves - and the best news is, you have options!

Maybe you:

  • are bored of your current course?
  • aren't enjoying where you're studying?
  • are sick of being in a classroom all day every day?
  • aren't learning what you expected?
  • are worried that you've made the wrong choice?
  • have found a new career path you want to follow?

If any of these (or more than one) hits home, then now is the time to act. You can start a new course or even move to a new college or 6th form to make sure your next year or two is exactly what you want it to be and Hopwood Hall College can help.

Why you should join us

We offer BTEC courses across two campuses, meaning you'll be doing hands-on, practical activities during your course. This gets you out of the classroom and learning the skills needed in a future job. Our success rates are high and our facilities are always expanding and growing.

On top of that, there are free buses to and from the college everyday, brand new social spaces and a free student gym (at Middleton) and refectories with hot food, sandwhiches, hot and cold drinks and more.

What to do

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us via phone, email or social media. We'll do what we can to help but we can do a lot more if you come to visit us. We'll get you to speak to with a member of staff from the area you want to study and they'll help you find the right course and level. Our teams will help with all the admin work as well, so it's simple and stress free.

Don't wait; call us on 0161 643 7560 right now!

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