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10 REASONS TO BECOME AN APPRENTICE 1. A great way to earn while you learn! You’ll have a full-time job with a wage 2. You’ll receive fantastic support from our expert Work Based Tutors 3. Develop industry-specific skills and technical knowledge 4. Gain hands on experience as you learn the practical way 5. Apprenticeships offer a range of excellent progression routes 6. Meet a network of people in your chosen industry as you begin an exciting new career 7. A great alternative to full time education for those who don’t want to be stuck in the classroom 8. Gives you the opportunity to retrain or upskill within paid employment 9. Improve your English and Maths skills and put these to good use in your role 10. Work alongside experienced staff and train with experts We work with over 400 employers and train apprentices of all ages 2

CONTENTS Start your Apprenticeship Journey . . . 5 Apprenticeships explained . . . . . . 6 What does an apprenticeship involve? . 7 20% Off-the-job training . . . . . . . 8 Apprenticeships available . . . . . . .10 Apprenticeship levels . . . . . . . . .14 English and maths . . . . . . . . . .14 End Point Assessment . . . . . . . . 14 How to apply . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Securing your apprenticeship . . . . . 17 How we support you . . . . . . . . . 18 Hear from our Apprentices . . . . . . 20 Employer spotlight . . . . . . . . . 22 Employer partners . . . . . . . . . . 23 Keep Connected with Hopwood Be sure you keep up to date with everything that is happening at Hopwood Hall. Follow us: @hopwoodhallcollege @hopwoodhall @hopwoodhall @hopwoodhallcollege hopwoodhall @hopwoodhallcollege Hopwood Hall College 3

Earn a Wage State of the Art Facilities Hands on Experience Support from industry experts Personal Training Plan Sector Recognised Standards

START YOUR APPRENTICESHIP JOURNEYWITH US Apprenticeships are a great route for anyone looking to combine education and learning new skills with working, earning a wage, and gaining new qualifications for your career development. Alongside gaining practical industry specific skills, apprenticeships allow enthusiastic and eager to learn individuals to work and train alongside staff experienced in the sector. Employers recognise the value of training staff to industry standards and the importance of providing a great opportunity for you to start your career, gain recognised qualifications and develop essential skills. With an apprenticeship you have a real job where you earn while you learn – gain experience, get paid and establish a career within your chosen industry. Hopwood Hall College has a fantastic range of apprenticeships to choose from and with state-of the-art facilities, expert tutors on hand to provide training and our dedicated Apprenticeships Team to support you and your employer - there’s no better time to become an apprentice. Crista Wilkieson Director of Apprenticeships 5

APPRENTICESHIPS EXPLAINED Apprenticeships combine education and work-based training programmes, designed around the needs of employers. The Apprenticeship route allows you to develop practical, job specific skills, you will be learning at college and in the workplace where you will work alongside experienced staff. By completing an apprenticeship, you will gain recognised qualifications that are valued by employers and enhance your prospects for career progression in the future. Apprenticeships give you the opportunity to earn while you learn and they give your employer the opportunity to train new members of their team. 6

WHAT DOES AN APPRENTICESHIP INVOLVE? Apprenticeships are designed with employers and offer a structured programme that helps you to develop the industryspecific skills your employer needs for you to undertake your job to a high standard. Employers are responsible for paying their apprentices’ wages. 80% of the training is ‘on-the-job’ at the employer premises working alongside experienced staff, while the remaining 20% of the training is delivered ‘off-the-job’ in college. Apprentices benefit from gaining a range of skills and attributes, including: • Confidence • Interview skills • Communication skills • Problem solving skills • Independent and team working skills • English, Maths and IT skills Apprenticeships are for people of all ages 7

20% off-thejob training Off-the-job training is an integral part of the apprenticeship journey, as apprentices should be learning frequently and continuously throughout their training programme. Examples of off-the-job training include: • Company training e.g new systems • Self-study • Research • Completion of assignments • Role-playing • Simulation exercises • E-learning, webinars and short courses • Industry related training • Shadowing & Mentoring • Industry visits e.g visiting suppliers • College day-release • Workshops & Masterclasses • Conferences & Networking Events HOPWOOD HALL COLLEGE Works with you to find suitable employment Coaches and mentors you Provides classroom training / tutorials Provides additional learning support if needed Works closely with your employer APPRENTICE Works a minimum of 30 hours per week Study towards your qualification Attend college classes (where needed) Completes English and Maths (where needed) Spend at least 20% of your time on off-the-job training EMPLOYER Employs you in related role to undertake the training and gain experience Provides a workplace mentor to support you as an apprentice Works closely with us to support your learning STUDYING AN APPRENTICESHIP Studying towards an apprenticeship is a three-way commitment between your employer, us and you. 8

Competency This ensures learners have the required skills to do the job and are competent within their field or job role. Behaviours Behaviours are mind-sets, attitudes or approaches required for the workplace and industry. Knowledge This is the information, technical detail, and ‘know-how’ that an individual needs to have and understand to successfully carry out the duties that make up the occupation. English and/or Maths There are minimum English and/or maths requirements to start an apprenticeship. You will also continue to develop your English or maths knowledge and how these are applied whilst in the workplace. Apprenticeships Skills Skills are the practical application of knowledge needed to successfully undertake the duties that make up the occupation. They are learnt through on and/or off-the-job training or experience. 9

10 APPRENTICESHIPS AVAILABLE Professional Services Apprenticeship Level Duration Day English & Maths Other (Months) Release Entry Criteria Criteria 2 3 4 5 Accounts/Finance Assistant X 15 Y GCSE E&M Grade D/3 or above Customer Service Practitioner X 12 N GCSE E&M Grade D/3 or above Facilities Operative X 15 N GCSE E&M Grade D/3or above Assistant Accountant X 18 Y GCSE E&M Grade C/4 or above Business Administrator X 18 N GCSE E&M Grade C/4 or above Customer Service Specialist X 15 N GCSE E&M Grade C/4 or above Facilities Management Supervisor X 18 N GCSE E&M Grade C/4 or above Team Leader/Supervisor X 12 N GCSE E&M Grade C/4 or above Industry experience Professional Accounting Taxation X 18 Y GCSE E&M Grade C/4 or above Must have completed Level 3 Operations/Departmental Manager X 30 N GCSE E&M Grade C/4 or above Industry experience KEY E&M: English and Maths Education & Childcare Apprenticeship Level Duration Day English & Maths Other (Months) Release Entry Criteria Criteria 2 3 4 5 Early Years Practitioner X 15 months Y GCSE E&M Grade D/3 or above Early Years Educator X 18 months Y GCSE E&M Grade D/3 or above Environmental & Animal Care Apprenticeship Level Duration Day English & Maths Other (Months) Release Entry Criteria Criteria 2 3 4 5 Veterinary Nurse X 30 months Y GCSE E&M Grade C/4 or above GCSE Science and 2 other GCSE grades C/4 or above

11 Hospitality & Catering Apprenticeship Level Duration Day English & Maths Other (Months) Release Entry Criteria Criteria 2 3 4 5 Hospitality TeamMember X 15 N GCSE E&M Grade D/3 or above Hospitality Supervisor X 15 N GCSE E&M Grade C/4 or above Industry experience Commis Chef X 12 Y GCSE E&M Grade D/3 or above Production Chef X 15 N GCSE E&M Grade D/3 or above Senior Chef Production Cooking X 15 N GCSE E&M Grade C/4 or above Adult Care Apprenticeship Level Duration Day English & Maths Other (Months) Release Entry Criteria Criteria 2 3 4 5 Adult Care Worker X 15 N GCSE E&M Grade D/3 or above Lead Adult Care Worker X 18 N GCSE E&M Grade C/4 or above Leader in Adult Care X 24 N GCSE E&M Grade C/4 or above Hair & Beauty Apprenticeship Level Duration Day English & Maths Other (Months) Release Entry Criteria Criteria 2 3 4 5 Hair Professional X 24 months Y GCSE E&M Grade D/3 or above

12 Construction/Trades Apprenticeship Level Duration Day English & Maths Other (Months) Release Entry Criteria Criteria 2 3 4 5 Bricklayer X 30 Y GCSE E&M Grade D/3 or above Carpentry and Joinery X 24 Y GCSE E&M Grade D/3 or above Plasterer X 36 Y GCSE E&M Grade D/3 or above Property Maintenance X 15 Y GCSE E&M Grade D/3 or above Advanced Carpentry and Joinery X 15 Y GCSE E&M Grade C/4 or above Must have completed Level 2 Electrical Installation X 42 Y GCSE E&M Grade C/4 or above Fire Emergency Security X 36 Y GCSE E&M Grade C/4 or above *Virtual option available across England* Plumbing and Domestic Technician X 48 Y GCSE E&M Grade C/4 or above

Motor Vehicle Apprenticeship Level Duration Day English & Maths Other (Months) Release Entry Criteria Criteria 2 3 4 5 Motor Vehicle Service & Maintenance X 36 Y GCSE E&M Grade C/4 or above 13 Engineering & Manufacturing Apprenticeship Level Duration Day English & Maths Other (Months) Release Entry Criteria Criteria 2 3 4 5 Lean Manufacturing Operative X 15 Y GCSE E&M Grade D/3 or above Engineering Fitter X 42 Y GCSE E&M Grade D/3 or above Engineering Technician X 42 Y GCSE E&M Grade C/4 or above GCSE Science C/4 or above Metal Fabricator X 42 Y GCSE E&M Grade C/4 or above GCSE Science C/4 or above

APPRENTICESHIP LEVELS Apprenticeship standards are defined by the level of the job role, skills and behaviours which need to be developed for that role. Entry requirements depend on the employer framework and standard. Intermediate Apprenticeship • Level 2 • 12-18 months Advanced Apprenticeship • Level 3 • 16-48 months Higher Apprenticeship • Levels 4, 5, 6, 7 • 24 months+ ENGLISH AND MATHS Apprentices undertake an initial assessment before the start of the apprenticeship. This will inform us of your current level and allow us to tailor your learning and embed English and Maths in your study. END POINT ASSESSMENT End Point Assessments depend on the selected standard and range from: • Presentation • Practical Assessment • Portfolio • Interview / Professional Discussion • Exam / Test End Point Assessments are completed externally and selected by the employer. 85% of apprentices stay in employment and 64% of these continue working with the same employer Source: www.simplyacademy.com 14

Success is closer than you think www.hopwood.ac.uk 15

HOWTO APPLY Step 1 - Apply Research which type of apprenticeship is most suitable. Apply online at www.hopwood.ac.uk. Step 2 - Information, Advice & Guidance You will be invited in for an interview with a member of our team where we will discuss your suitability for the apprenticeship. Step 3 - Search If suitable we will put you forward for any vacancies we may have, however you should be actively looking and contacting employers yourself. Step 4 - Interview An employer will shortlist candidates who they would like to interview. Step 5 - Offer After a successful interview and the offer of a job, you are ready to start your apprenticeship. Already secured employment? Contact us and we will work with your employer to create an apprenticeship training plan and get you started. Useful Resources Our advertised vacancies: www.hopwood.ac.uk/searchapprenticeships/current-vacancies Gov Find An Apprenticeship website www.findapprenticeship.service.gov.uk Register online at www.hopwood.ac.uk/searchapprenticeships 16

SECURING YOUR APPRENTICESHIP Apprenticeships are real jobs and therefore you will need to participate in a competitive application, recruitment and selection process. It is likely that you will need to apply for a few vacancies before you are successful in securing the perfect apprenticeship for you. Remain positive • Positivity is key when searching for an apprenticeship • It is important to understand that these are competitive places • Reflect on what went well and anything you might change for future applications Seek assistance with the application process • A second pair of eyes is always helpful when checking through an application • Someone else could spot any grammatical or spelling errors • They can also make sure you have answered the questions Stay engaged • Continue searching for vacancies to stay engaged with the application process • Set up alerts for new vacancies direct to your phone, register on Find an Apprenticeship: www.gov.uk/applyapprenticeship • Keep actively contacting employers Practice makes perfect • Anxious about an element of the application and recruitment process? Take some time to practice this with a parent, teacher or friend • Get them to ask you mock interview questions or help you to practice a presentation Check out our Applicant Content on itslearning (our Virtual Learning Environment) • Explore our fantastic resources available via our VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) which is available via mobile and the college website: https://hopwoodhall.itslearning.com/ • You’ll find useful guidance on CV writing, interview techniques, contacting employers and much more on there! • Details of how to access it will be sent to you when you apply – be sure to make the most of these resources Make yourself more employable Stand out from the crowd in a busy job market. Have you got relevant work experience to put on your CV? Do your skills match what the employer is looking for? 17

HOWWE SUPPORT YOU Student Support: We’re there for you It is very important to us that you feel happy and supported throughout your Apprenticeship. We believe in creating a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. Your College and Work Based Tutors will help you to succeed in your studies and our Student Support Team are here to help and support you with pastoral, social and welfare issues, learning difficulties and disabilities and safeguarding, ensuring that you can access and fully participate in college life. Here to help No question is too small and no problem too big - confidential advice and support is where our Student Support Team excel. Safeguarding Your safety and well-being are important to us. If you have any concerns whilst at college you can contact a member of our safeguarding team at safeguarding@ hopwood.ac.uk Counselling and support We offer a confidential Counselling Service which is available to all students throughout the academic year. Our counsellors offer the highest possible level of confidentiality consistent with the codes of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Drop-ins to the counsellor are available Monday-Friday or you can contact counselling@hopwood.ac.uk Mental Health Your mental health is important to us and we understand that from time to time you may need someone to talk to about college, work or home life, anxiety, stress or your general health. We have a team of Mental Health First Aiders who can help you at college. Please speak to your Work Based Tutor who can direct you to help or you can contact: Crista Wilkieson Director of Apprenticeships Tracey Marrow Safeguarding &Welfare Manager and Designated Safeguarding Lead Donna Nicholson Contracts and Compliance Coordinator Catherine Heaton Apprenticeship Lead - Electrical, Fire & Security, Engineering 18

WORK BASED TUTORS All Work Based Tutors come from an industry background and this gives them the experience and strengths to support you in your work place while completing your apprenticeship. They continually update their knowledge so they are current with all legislation and changes to the industry. At the start of your apprenticeship you will receive a detailed guide of how your qualification will be delivered. This will enable you to forward plan and work with your employer to support you to gather the evidence. Your Work Based Tutor is there to advise on any area of your program and at the end of the apprenticeship you will be given details of progression opportunities available to you within your chosen subject. e-PORTFOLIO SYSTEM Hopwood Hall uses an e-portfolio system to deliver your program. This enables apprentices access to learning resources 24/7. Evidence towards your qualification is captured on here so you are able to upload this at anytime and your Work Based Tutor can see it instantly. Resources are constantly updated and comply with current legislation. Your employer will receive access to your portfolio to enable them to support you with the work requirements. BLENDED LEARNING We are able to offer blended learning for times you are not able to attend college, which gives you and your employer more flexibility. Work Based Tutors are able to deliver taught sessions online on a 1-2-1 basis or in small groups. We understand that one size does not fit all and we are happy to work together to produce an apprenticeship route that suits everyone. We want your time at Hopwood Hall to be a fantastic experience and will do everything we can to support and encourage you to gain your apprenticeship. 19

Name: Rida Sarmad Apprenticeship: Level 2 Adult Care Worker Now: Healthcare Assistant at Rochdale Infirmary “Doing an apprenticeship taught me the importance of being responsible in the workplace. You can have all the knowledge, but without the skills you pick up in that type of environment I think it would be hard to succeed.” Name: Emily Hamilton Apprenticeship: Level 3 Business Administration Now: Working to become GP Practice Manager at Healey Surgery, Rochdale “If you’re thinking about an apprenticeship, I’d say go for it! I began mine several years after most of my friends and, although I felt like I was a bit behind at the time, I am now on an ever-growing career path.” Name: Oliver Lewis Apprenticeship: Level 2 Commis Chef Apprentice Now: Chef at The Rake Tapas “Being an apprentice helped me to learn and develop new skills – which gave me the tools to progress further in my career and become a better chef.” Hear from our former apprentices... 20

Name: Abigail Hawthorn Apprenticeship: Level 3 Business Administration Now: Learning and Development Co-ordinator at Hopwood Hall College and University Centre “I’d recommend an apprenticeship to people of all ages. They’re a great way to gain a skillset that you’ll use throughout your career and make valuable connections in the working world. Name: Anthony Hayes Apprenticeship: Level 3 Engineering Fitter Now: Ken Mills Engineering “It’s worth investing your time and effort into dedicating yourself to an apprenticeship because it boosts your career prospects and earning potential.” Name: Luke Webster Apprenticeship: Level 2 Business Administration Now: Recruitment Consultant at REED “Hopwood Hall College has given me so much to be thankful for. Alongside obtaining relevant qualifications, my apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to work with inspiring co-workers and helped me become the professional I am today.” ...and where their careers have taken them

“I can’t praise Hopwood Hall College enough for their dedication to quality apprenticeships. The team are engaged, dedicated and knowledgeable - ensuring a prospective employer is matched to a diverse, enthusiastic and capable group of candidates. Having recruited for my own team through Hopwood Hall, I’d have no hesitation in recommending them to employers big and small who are seeking an apprentice to join their team.” Chris Clarkson MP for Heywood and Middleton “The team at Hopwood Hall have supported PDS with our apprentice recruitment over the last couple of years. They’re always very helpful, informative and come highly recommended. Recruiting from Hopwood has helped us to recruit high-quality apprentices who are now an integral part of our future growth plans.” Tim Fairley Managing Director PDS EMPLOYER SPOTLIGHT “Our experience with the Apprenticeships Team at Hopwood Hall College has been excellent. To have the opportunity to fulfil a work placement works well for both parties and has meant learners get to experience the working environment. We look forward to helping our apprentices grow and to taking on our next intake of apprentices.” David Gilligan Head of Operations Constant Group 22

Employer Partnerships HOPWOOD HALL COLLEGE HAS FORMED EXCITING PARTNERSHIPSWITH MORE THAN 400 LOCAL AND REGIONAL PARTNERS. We have a dedicated Employer Services team that works with our employers to generate apprenticeship vacancies.

MIDDLETON CAMPUS Rochdale Road Middleton M24 6XH Tel: 0161 654 4373 APPRENTICESHIPS TEAM e. apprenticeships@hopwood.ac.uk www.hopwood.ac.uk JAN22