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Hopwood Hall College graded 'good' by OFSTED

The College was inspected in November 2016 with OFSTED grading Hopwood Hall College 'good with outstanding features', both in terms of its learners' achievements and in its leadership and management.

An area of particular pride for Hopwood Hall is the way we have continued to improve since our previous inspection in 2011. Ofsted stated:

“Since the previous inspection, you have invested in improving resources to create a better learning environment. Your staff share your ambitious strategy to provide the highest-quality vocational provision which meets local needs and is responsive to national priorities."

Hopwood Hall College was also highly praised for the sense of ambition that runs through the organisation. Staff and learners are aiming high and this is already being reflected in their successes.

In his reaction to the report, Derek O’Toole said:

“We are incredibly proud of the findings, which is a tribute to the ongoing hard work and dedication of all the staff at the college to provide our learners with the highest quality teaching, learning and assessment. I’m also pleased the report recognised the positive attitudes and efforts of our learners. That they played a big part in the inspector’s positive impression of this college and is reflective of how they carry themselves on a daily basis.”

A full copy of the inspection report is available here.

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