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Horticulture Technician



To facilitate the learning process by supporting staff and students in an effective learning environment.


  • 1.To provide direct support to teaching staff by maintaining and promoting lively working environment and practices.
  • 2.To work with and ensure that staff and students have access to horticulture rooms, workshops, greenhouses, growing areas and equipment as required.
  • 3.To prepare and assist in activities ensuring all materials and equipment are prepared in readiness for practical sessions and retrieved after the activity has ceased.
  • 4.To maintain and repair specialist equipment and be responsible for the security of equipment and tools.
  • 5.To assist with the supervision of students working on practical work and during their work placement on site and assisting the lecturers with the assessment of practical activities.
  • 6.Contribute to internal verification and assessment procedures for horticulture courses.
  • 7.Assist in the planning of crops and flowers at the two sites.
  • 8.Maintain breeding nurseries, greenhouses, and arable land
  • 9.To be responsible for the day to day care of all the plants within the Centre for Life Sciences.
  • 10.To oversee the Horticulture Apprentices whilst working on site and designate the workload
  • 11.Be responsible for ordering requisitions and storekeeping
  • 12.To ensure that plant material required for classes is available with consultation with horticulture teachers
  • 13.To operate equipment such as sprayers, rotavator,, seed cleaning equipment, seed counters, harvesters, irrigation equipment, pruning tools and tractors etc.
  • 14.To assist in the planning of growing programmes both for sustainability and food sources.
  • 15.To maintain all horticulture areas within Life Sciences to include the internal horticulture rooms
  • 16.To assist with the maintenance with borders and ornamental plantings on both campuses
  • 17.To ensure that accurate records of plants and materials are kept
  • 18.Ensure continuous development and improvement of professional knowledge.


SALARY SCALE: £14,505 - £18,253 pro rata per annum

HOURS OF DUTY: 28.8 hours per week

CLOSING DATE: 12/10/2017

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